Market Overview

In 2017, the economy is about to enter a new level, facing the industry's overall reshuffle, as the industry leader, where should you go to?

As a boss, the enterprise is your, as long as one day is not closed, you can not stop one day to find rice pot. Today, there are fullly eating who can not guarantee that there is always rice, so the boss even if the money, but also a sense of crisis, no money, but also sleep uneasy, as a loss of this, that bones of anxiety, outsiders how to experience?
If a business to be successful, in order to have long-term development, we must start from the establishment of the enterprise system, a good system will create a remarkable performance, which is the sale of the system requirements.
Management master Peter Drucker has a famous saying: "The current competition between enterprises, not between the products of competition, but the competition between business models." In fact, that is, the system of competition.
What is the system? Why do you do the system?
Because of efficiency, value.
A good business, not by human loyalty, human emotions, human kinship, human trust, etc. to manage the company resources. But by their own systems, to achieve internal management, potential customer drainage, and then the management of customers, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation with customers.
As a business owner, what are you most concerned about? Here are three options, how would you choose?
1. As the Internet era of enterprises, must be widely informed that 24 hours of endless corporate image of the corporate website (including mobile phone) is essential, or even 24 hours for you to work electronic sales platform,
2. With such a website, you can not see it, hope to allow potential customers to see, especially the precise customers to see (that is, money to find the supplier's customers), how to do? SEO search engine drainage,
3. Will the potential customers (including other ways) come 100% of the deal? Absolutely not, will you discard this data? If you want to keep it, how would you save it?
Is there a potential customer resource saved with them? Remember when was last time? This is the origin of the customer management system, will you be useful?
What solution can recommend? 
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