PIC Grant for Web Design and Web Development

Enjoy 400% tax deductions or allowances and/or a 40% cash payout on investments in productivity and innovation! PIC Grant is a government credit scheme by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) aimed at encouraging productivity and innovation activities in Singapore. The grant is applicable to expenditure made in any of the six qualifying activities:

  1. Acquisition and Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment
  2. Training of Employees
  3. Acquisition and Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Registration of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Plant Varieties
  5. Research and Development
  6. Design Projects

We can undertake projects along the following areas eligible for PIC:

  • Mobile app development
  • eCommerce system
  • Web design on Content Management System
  • Web development
  • IT solutions including but not limited to: ERP, Inventory management, CRM, Customer registration, Ordering and reservations.
  • Customized app development