Content Management System (CMS)

Alfresco is the open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), providing Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management, and Imaging.


Alfresco allows users to access a simple to use, Intelligent Virtual File System from their native application or portal with the full power of an Enterprise Content Management System.


Over 6 million users manage over 3 billion pieces of business critical content every day. 


Alfresco is an enterprise content platform that you can use in the cloud or behind your firewall. It helps you store and share the documents that every business depends on. Alfresco is built for the portability of the tablet and the power of the cloud.




  • Document Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Records Management
  • Image Management
  • Content Repository




  • Save money
  • increase employee productivity
  • automate processes
  • drive efficiency
  • manage risk


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