Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

OpenERP is one of the leading Open Source ERP Systems utilized by large as well as small and medium enterprises.Trusted by millions worldwide.
OpenERP has comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Financial management and Human Resources, and so on.

OpenERP software Modules and Features

Enterprise Management

  •     Sales Management
  •     Purchases
  •     Services Management
  •     Invoicing
  •     Point of Sales


  •     Manufacturing
  •     Warehouse Management
  •     Product Pricelists
  •     Quality Management
  •     Shipping Management

Accounting and Finance

  •     Accounting
  •     Payments Management
  •     Assets Management
  •     Bank interfaces
  •     Budgets
  •     Analytic Accounting

Human Resources

  •     Skills Management
  •     Attendance Management
  •     Holidays Management
  •     Expenses
  •     PayRoll Management


  •     Customer Relationship Management
  •     Direct Marketing
  •     Mail Gateway
  •     Phone Calls
  •     Portals

Project Management

  •     Financial Project Management
  •     Operational Management

Why uses OpenERP?

  •     Affordabale – no license fee
  •     300 functional modules for different business requirements
  •     Outlook and Excel interfaces
  •     Customer Portal
  •     Powerful Report Designer
  •     Dashboards for every user
  •     Integrated Document Management System

Adneti intend to provide OpenERP a better way to meet customers’ expectations.

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We are happy to assist you with the smooth introduction of OpenERP. Our software experts are ready to implement specific enhancements or interfaces to existing systems.

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