Warehouse Management System (WMS)

myWMS LOS is an open source ready-to-use Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for the special needs of manual operated warehouses. All basic processes for managing a warehouse are supported, i.e. incoming goods, picking with mobile terminals, stock taking, shipping. See below as the feature list for more details.

myWMS LOS is an open, scalable and powerful application that supports the JEE5 specification and provides logistics services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Those services can be used by means of graphical user interfaces (GUI) or mobile web frontends. At a glance:

  • Ready to use warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Designed for manual driven warehouses
  • Barcode/RFID identification, mobile terminals for paperless processes
  • Modular/ SOA architecture
  • Supported technologies: JEE5, JBoss, Netbeans RCP, iReport, SOAP, XML

Main Features

  • Multi Client WMS
  • Managing lots/batches and minimum durability
  • Serial numbers
  • Use of barcode for locations and loads


Supported Processes


Goods Advice 

Announcing incoming goods in advance to the warehouse

Track of status information (underdelivery/overdelivery)

Optionally retrieving advice information via remote interface


Goods In

Identifying and receiving incoming goods

Quality assurance

Managing different types of load units

single or mixed articles per load unit

Printing of pallet label

Processed with mobile or stationary terminal



Storing goods in locations within the warehouse with mobile terminal

destination calculated by system or given by operator

Scan location label and pallet label to increase process safety


Goods Out

Order goods from the warehouse (one- or two-stage)

Order goods by article number or lot


Managing different destinations and types of order (e.g. to customer, to production, …)

Optionally retrieving order information via remote interface



Picking of goods from a pallet or retrieving whole pallets

one-stage and decetralized picking (“Person-To-Goods”)

Picking sequence depeding on rack topology

Scanning of pallet or location label



Check for completeness

Scanning of pallet label with mobile terminal

Printing of delivery note



Rich CLient GUI for office work

Mobile Web/Browser Application for operators in the warehouse

Web Services for connecting ERP or MES Systems


Add-on modules (open source or commercial!)

RFID Middleware

Material Flow Control (stacker crane/ conveyor)

Pick By Light

Pick By Voice


We are happy to assist you with the smooth introduction of myWMS LOS. Our software experts are ready to implement specific enhancements or interfaces to existing systems. In addition, we offer training and programming workshops relating to SOA, and JEE5 myWMS.


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