Google Apps for Business

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Google Apps for Business is an enterprise package of workplace applications.


More than 4 million businesses run Google Apps.

Businesses are upgrading to Google Apps for Business every day
Benefits of Google Apps for Business

  • Business-grade hosted email and collaboration tools
  • 24/7 customer support
    Around-the-clock phone and priority email support.
  • Guaranteed uptime
    Google Apps for Business has a 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA.
  • Enhanced business-ready features
    BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook interoperability, enhanced contacts management, and more.
  • Increased security
    Advanced virus and spam protection by Postini, forced SSL, and more.
  • More comprehensive administrative controls
    Easily connect Google Apps to your existing IT infrastructure.
  • 3X more Gmail storage than Google Apps
    Never delete with 25GB of storage per email inbox.
  • Many Google services at no additional cost!
    Google Apps for Business continues to grow. You and your users will be able to communicate and share information with many Google services.


How much does Google Apps for Business cost?
After the 30-day free period, USD$50/year per user.
How do I get started?

New Customer without domain name

Domain Check here to see if a your domain is available
Register a domain name with 15% disccount at
– Try Google Apps for Business for free for 30 days for up to 10 users.
– Please contact us if you need to help to register a domain name
New Customer with domain name registered

– Try Google Apps for Business for free for 30 days for up to 10 users.
– Or upgrade to Google Apps for Business if users over 10 users
– Migrate current email to Google Apps for Business (Option)
– We will  help with your deployment, including technical integration, tools, and change management.
New Customer with Google Apps free account
– Upgrade to Google Apps for Business before the end of your trial to avoid suspension.
– We will take care your account and $AVE.
Our valued customer with Google Apps for Business account
– Renewal Google Apps for Business account
– Purchase additional licenses on the annual commitment plan.
– Create additional user accounts on the flexible plan.

 New Customer with Google Apps for Business account
– ADNETi, a Google Apps Authorized reseller, is offing specials to transfer your Google Apps billing to ADNETi and  $AVE.
Why Transfer ?
– Simple Billing Change, NO DOWN TIME
– Save 5%/year per user with ADNETi
– Better Support & Fast Response Times

How do I make the Transfer ?
– The transfer is easy, simply follow these directions and then email your transfer token

– You can access a domain’s transfer token at (Make sure to replace ‘’ with your actual domain name.)
Once you authenticate with a valid admin username and password, this page contains a token URL which allows you to transfer the management of your Google Apps account to a new Google Apps Authorized Reseller.
After generating a new token, give the token’s alphanumeric code to your reseller who then completes the transfer for you. Remember, transfer tokens expire 5 days after being generated.
Once the transfer is completed, your transferred account is a new 12 month subscription. You will receive a refund for the remaining period of service on the number of your transferred seats. For Google Apps for Business accounts purchased directly online from Google, a refund for the remaining portion of the original subscription will be posted to your credit card within 1-2 months. For more information about Google Checkout refunds, see Returns/Refunds. For Google Apps for Business accounts not purchased online from Google, contact Support.


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