How much to make a simple e-commerce WeChat Mini Program?

1. Developing a WeChat Mini Program by yourself
If you develop a WeChat Mini Program by yourself, you only need to pay S$60 for the WeChat Mini Program registration and certification fee. But this way is important if you have certain WeChat Mini Program development programming code and comprehensive abilities such as page design. If you have these abilities, you can choose this way.

2. Purchasing source code
This way mainly involves purchasing other people's developed WeChat Mini Program source code. You need to purchase your own server and hire a professional technical personnel to maintain it. The cost involved: Source code cost around S$5,000+ server cost S$1,500/year + technical personnel cost S$3,600/month. So making a WeChat Mini Program costs around S$50,000 or more.

3. Third-party Mini Program development service provider
This way mainly involves finding a third-party Mini Program development service provider, who will summarize your actual needs, and make a quote based on your actual needs. Generally speaking, there are several ways in the market.

3.1 E-commerce version Mini Program
Typically, e-commerce Mini Programs have online appointment, membership card, coupons, flash sales, group buying, and other marketing functions as well as big data analysis functions. The cost for this is around S$1,200/year.

3.2 Custom development version Mini Program
The custom development version Mini Program usually has a longer development cycle than the e-commerce Mini Program, mainly based on your actual needs and customizing a Mini Program for you.

3.3 Large customer custom development version Mini Program
The large customer custom development version Mini Program is mainly aimed at solving the four major difficulties encountered by enterprises in their development process, such as efficiency, brand, marketing, and data. It involves positioning analysis, user experience design, and functional architecture planning, and finally provides a customized Mini Program solution. The development cost for this is relatively higher.

How do you choose?

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