How to Backup Google Data Using Google Takeout?
Backing up your Google data is crucial for safeguarding important documents and files stored in Google Drive, preventing accidental deletions or modifications, and preparing for unlikely catastrophic Google failures. Google Takeout provides a convenient way to download a backup of all your Google data, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform a backup.

How to Backup Google Data Using Google Takeout:

  1. Log into your Google Account:

    • Access your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Google Takeout:

  3. Select Data to Include:

    • Choose the types of Google data to include in your backup.
    • You can either download all data or select specific Google products.
  4. Customize Backup Settings:

    • For Gmail, Calendar, and Drive backup:
      • Click "Select None" and deselect Calendar, Contacts, and Drive.
      • Customize file formats and folders if needed.
    • Set archive format preferences (e.g., .zip, max size, delivery method, and frequency).
    • Click "Next Step" to proceed.
  5. Create Export:

    • Click "Create Export" to initiate the backup creation process.
    • The backup will take some time, depending on its size.

Downloading Your Backup (Archive):

  1. Email Notification:

    • Once the backup is complete, you'll receive an email from "Google Download Your Data" with the subject line "Your Google data archive is ready."
  2. Download Archive:

    • Open the email and click the blue "Download your archive" button(s).
    • If the backup is large, multiple downloads may be available.
  3. Move Downloads:

    • Locate your downloads in the Downloads folder.
    • Move them to another folder or an external hard drive.

Verify Email Authenticity:

  • Beware of Spam:
    • Confirm that you initiated the backup on the date mentioned in the email.
    • Check the listed Google products to ensure they match your selected backup items.
    • Avoid clicking download links if the date or products don't align with your memory.

Restoring from Backup:

Google Drive:

  • Extract the .zip file and navigate to the "Takeout" folder to access your Drive documents in Microsoft formats.

Google Calendar:

  • Extract the .zip file and find the "Calendar" folder containing .ics files.
  • Log into your Google Calendar, choose "Import Calendar," and select the .ics files for import.


  • Restoring Gmail is intricate and involves using Mozilla Thunderbird as an IMAP client.
  • Follow the above instructions or find YouTube tutorials for a step-by-step walkthrough.

For more detailed instructions, refer to Google's documentation.

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