What is the significance and role of SSL?
SSL certificate for website

Anyone who cares about website security can find an SSL certificate, and the SSL certificate does not meet people's expectations. It gives the users of the website a great sense of security, and the website can be further developed.

1. Improve the corporate image; there is a big difference between a website without an SSL certificate and a website with an SSL certificate installed. Websites without SSL certificates will receive an "insecure" warning from the browser when they enter, and a red warning sign will appear in the address bar, which makes people feel very dangerous and will lead to loss of customers. However, websites that have installed SSL certificates issued by authoritative CA certification agencies do not have such troubles. Once the SSL certificate is installed on the website, there will be no "unsafe" prompt. At the same time, the address bar of the website is marked with a security lock, and visitors can also View the information of the subject of the website through the SSL certificate, full of security, and the corporate image has also been improved.
2. Improve website trust: The plaintext transmission of http is very unfavorable to protect the privacy of visitors, which makes visitors lack confidence in online security, which will cause the website to lose many customers, while SSL certificates can protect the login information of visitors and other privacy, which will deepen the trust of visitors to a website with an SSL certificate installed.
3. Identify counterfeit websites: Now that the Internet is developed, many people take advantage of the loopholes to register some high-quality imitation websites, which is a headache for consumers and affects the sales of regular websites. An SSL certificate can identify the identity of the server. As long as it is an SSL# certificate applied for by the regulated CA certification control, the authenticity of the domain name owner will be carefully checked during the certificate application stage, so that people will not mistake the website.
4. It is helpful for search engines to give priority to indexing the website, and it is more beneficial to optimize the website for SEO.
5. Prevent the website from being hijacked and ensure that the HTTPS security protocol effectively improves the security of the website.
6. It is used for the development of WeChat applet, APP application, and the extensive security application and development of the HTTPS protocol.

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