Odoo and Business Analysis 


Several options to start your project

Before starting an Odoo implementation project, the analysis phase is critical for evaluating and documenting processes and requirements, and provides decision makers with a broad information base and detailed project budget estimates.

Performing analysis up front can save valuable time and resources during implementation and reduce the risk of project failure.

To ensure that you end up with the right business software for your needs and to ensure a smooth and efficient Odoo implementation, we offer two different approaches to Odoo analysis - Odoo Proof of Concept and Odoo Workshop. After that, we can provide you with a detailed project estimate.

Odoo server solutions can also help you analyze based on current and future business considerations.

Different Options to start your Odoo Implementation

Odoo Direct Project Start

Ideal for decision makers who already have a solid understanding of Odoo and its business needs. There is a brief analysis phase in the project.

Odoo Workshop

For small to mid-sized companies with no more than 50 employees and a few decision makers (usually business owners or managing directors).

Odoo Proof of Concept

Applicable to large businesses with multi-departmental structures - decisions rely on directors or department heads, and decisions will be made jointly by several people.

Odoo Server Solutions

Feel free to decide between our fully integrated Odoo cloud hosting platform and installing the system on your own server.

Odoo Hosting

Our Odoo hosting platform is your hassle-free all-in-one solution with servers located in Singapore, North America and Western Europe. It integrates production, test and development environments.

Odoo On-Premise

If you prefer to host Odoo on your own server, we provide a testing and development platform to ensure smooth improvements, updates and upgrades of your Odoo.

Consulting how to choose

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